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Dr. Derek Lovley, a member of American Society for Microbiology, conferred as Honorary Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology
Editor:邢德峰  Updated:2018-05-14

Dr. Derek Lovley, the member of American Society for Microbiology and professor of University of Massachusetts, and Dr. Fanghua Liu, the Research Fellow of Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, have visited School of Environment of HIT for academic exchange on May 12th. Prof. Lovley has achieved some pioneering results in the field of anaerobic microorganism ecophysiology, extracellular electron transfer of microorganism and bioremediation. He has discovered the regulation of protein nanowires extracellular electron transport and direct electron transfer between species of microorganism. He has had the honour to receive Top 50 Inventions for 2009 by Time Magazine in the field of Electrical Microbiology, published papers more than 500, among which there are 21 papers published in Nature and Science. And his H index has reached 129.

On May 13th, we held the awarding ceremony for Prof. Lovley in State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resources and Environment. Xunyi Liu, the Vice Director of International Project Center, presided this ceremony. After Prof. Yujie Feng, the Executive Vice Dean of School of Environment, introduced the profiles and academic achievements of Prof. Lovley, Nanqi Ren, the Vice President of HIT awarded the Honorary Professor plate to him. Prof. Lovley expressed that he was honored to be awarded as honorary professor of HIT and he is looking forward to conduct deeper and wider cooperation with HIT, especially in the area of high level paper publication and talents cultivation. He also would like to make more contribution in construction of world class environmental disciplines of HIT. After the ceremony, Vice President Nanqi Ren and Porf. Lovley carried out extensive communication in terms of further cooperation research in the field of environment and bioenergy technology.

Prof. Lovley has attended the first lecture of SEMINAR SERIES of School of Environment. Prof. Yujie Feng, the Executive Vice Dean of SOE, has introduced Prof. Lovley and presided the lecture. The topic of lecture is Protein Nanowires: A Revolutionary Electronic Material for Biomedical Sensing and “Live Wires” for Bioenergy and Bioremediation. After the lecture, our teachers and students discussed the regulation of extracellular electron transfer of microbes with Prof. Lovley. During this visiting, Prof. Lovley and Research Fellow Dr. Fanghua Liu has visited the museum of HIT with Prof. Defeng Xing, the Vice Dean of School of Environment.