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The Notice on Organizing the First “Filter Tech Cup” Water-saving Design Competition
Editor:邢德峰  Updated:2018-03-01

Dear students:

March 22, 2018 is the 26th World Water Day, and March 22-28 is the 31st China Water Week. This year, the theme of our country's activities to commemorate the World Water Day and the China Water Week is “Implementing the national water-saving actions and building a water-saving society”. In order to implement the relevant requirements of our country’s water-saving action, adhere to the harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, accelerate the construction of a constantly water-saving society, and form a denser atmosphere of water saving in the entire society, the Committee of School of Environment, HIT, CCYL decide to hold the first “Filter Tech Cup” Water-saving Design Competition (hereinafter referred to as “Competition”) with the Committee of School of Foreign Languages, HIT, CCYL and the Student Green Union of HIT. The relevant particulars are hereby notified as follows:

1.The Theme of the Competition

Beautiful China, Green Campus

2.The Organizing Committee of the Competition

School of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology;

Logistics Group, Harbin Institute of Technology;

Xiamen FilterTech. Ind. Corp.

The Committee of School of Environment, HIT, CCYL;

The Committee of School of Foreign Languages, HIT, CCYL;

“Cleanwater” Volunteers Association, Harbin Institute of Technology;

Student Green Union of Harbin Institute of Technology;

3.Competition Time

From March 21, 2018 to April 10, 2018


Any individuals or teams interested in the propaganda of water-saving culture, the creation of water-saving concept, or the design of water-saving product, etc. can participate in this competition and the numbers of the entries is unlimited.

5.The Requirements of the Entries

 (1)The Content Requirements

The competition is divided into three groups: “Cultural propaganda group”, “Concept creation group” and “Product design group”. Individuals or teams participating in the competition must submit original entries which can be classified into “cultural creation, concept creation or creative products” to the Organizing Committee of the Competition. Centering on the creativity, novelty and practicability and combining with the campus demands and individuality, the entries could be various products of water-saving culture, creative ideas about water utilization and water conservation and the actual product or product’s structure diagram with preferable water-saving effect.The specific requirements are shown in Attachment 1.

(2)The Form Requirements

A: Cultural propaganda group

Focused on the theme of water saving, create posters, micro video, flash works or HTML5 push.

Poster: Poster entries are required to provide the design drafts to highlight the visual effects of water-saving culture. Participants must retain the original design of A3 format (297 mm × 420 mm) with the resolution of 300 dpi or vector format in order to submit the entries to the Competition Organizing Committee. Only the following three forms of the file format of the original design draft can be submited: AI file format, CDR file format, PSD file format (CMYK format with the resolution of 300 dpi).

Micro video: Micro video is recommended to make in the form of public welfare videos.The video’s length is 3-6 minutes in principle.

Flash: The length of flash works is between 30 seconds and 180 seconds.

HTML5 push: H5 push’s content is between 12 pages and 25 pages.

Entries must be enclosed with a description of the entry less than 1000 words, including the description of the work’s creation, the name of the contestant, the creators of the entry (screenwriter, director, main actor or actress, photographer, etc.), contact information, etc. No commercial advertisements or other external links may appear.

B:Concept creation group             

Centering on the theme of “Green Campus”, participants can collect water-saving tips in life to put forward proposals and programs for the efficient utilization, recycling, and ecological utilization of water resources around us to achieve the purpose of the water resources’ low-use and high-efficiency. The entries of this group should be original and adaptable to promote and use within the campus enclosed with the name of the entry, the source of creative ideas, interpretation of creative ideas, and expected results.

C:Product design group

Centering on the rational utilization of water resources, participants can invent and make scientific, original and practical water-saving products or depict product’s structure diagrams.The physical size of the submitted product is limited within 1 meter × 1 meter × 1 meter (length × width × height) enclosed with a physical product and a photo. And the participants can also submit the hand-made product structure diagrams (It’s recommended to make use of the computer to design the product structure diagrams). The product should be enclosed with the interpretation of creative ideas less than 1000 words, including the product name, the source of creative ideas together with the scientific principles of the product.

6.Schedule of the Competition

March 15-April 10: entries submission

April 10-April 17:preliminary assessment:5 participants of each group will be selected into the final.

April 22: the final and the award ceremony. In the form of public defense, the author states the design thought, design concept and the protection of the intellectual property. Then the organization committee will appraise and select excellent works according to the feedback and suggestions from the experts.


Each group in this competition will set:

One “First Prize” (bonus: 3000 RMB)

One “Second Prize” (bonus:2000 RMB)

One “Third Prize” (bonus:1000 RMB)

The number of “Grand Prize” is unlimited, the bonus of the “Grand Prize” is 6000RMB.If the entry is adopted by the school  after the evaluation,the corresponding individual or team can receive the “Grand Prize”.

8.Submission of the Entry

The links to submit the entry:

Time to submit the entry: March 22,2018 to April 10,2018.

The Office of the Organizing Committee of the Competition: The Youth League Committee of School of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology (Room 1203 of the School of Environment, HIT)

Contacts: Guo Wei  QQ Account:823901140

QQ Group for this competition:669478612


A:The Competition will adhere to the principles of justice, fairness and openness and secure the authority of the selection.

B:The Competition will eradicate any falsification behaviors and the individual or team will be disqualified if he(she) or they falsify in this competition.

C: All entries will not be returned to the participants.

D:All the design works participating in this competition  shall not infringe other people's copyright, patent rights, reputation rights, portrait rights, name rights and other personal rights. The author will suffer all the legal consequences if the entries involve in the infringement of the author’s entry, together with the scientific and political issues.

E: Once the entry is selected, the organizer has the priority in the entry’s utilization.

The Organizing Committee of the “Filter Tech Cup” Water-saving Design Competition

March 21, 2018