International Cooperation

Joint Cultivation of Graduate Students

School of Environment has signed foreign students exchange agreements with dozens of overseas universities and research institutes, including Pennsylvania State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Waterloo, University of New South Wales, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and so on. We sent 20 to 40 joint cultivation graduate students to these universities every year and they all scored fruitful achievements.

Academic Communication

A wide range of international cooperation approaches and security mechanism have been established. SOE has employed more than 50 long-term cooperation experts, including 11 foreign adjunct doctoral supervisors. Every year about 300 teachers and students will attend international conferences for academic exchanges and more near 60 foreign famous scholars will give lectures here.

Organize International Conferences

School of Environment will hold several international conferences every year. These academic exchange activities will attract thousands of experts and scholars from all over the world. We also encourage our teachers, engineers, laboratory personnel and other working staffs to attend overseas academic exchanges.

International Cooperation Platform

Based on the 111 Foreign Intellectual Introduction Plan, SOE assembled a group of 15 experts work at our research centers regularly. Some of these experts and scholars are academicians from American Academy of Science, American Academy of Engineering, Netherlandish Royal Academy of Science and so on. At the same time, National International Joint Research Center of Pollutant Disposal and Energy Conversion was established in 2018, which will greatly enhance SOE’s international Influence and competitiveness in the area of environmental science.

International Joint Research Center

SOE has set up 10 international joint research centers with world-class universities and research institutes.